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KB Plumbing: The Leading Plumber In The Greater Pittsburgh Area

Our local plumbing company provides full-service residential and commercial plumbing repair, installations, upgrades, inspections, and other services. The goal of our West View plumbing company is to ensure our customers receive quality care and service.

You depend on sewer lines and waterlines every day and night. If something goes wrong, you need help fast. Call us when you need an experienced, licensed, and insured professional plumber who's ready and qualified to solve any problems you may be having.

Plumbing repair

Plumbing Repair

When the toilet backs up, a leaky sewer line catches you by surprise, or the pipes freeze over the winter, you can depend on our Coraopolis plumbing company for fast and friendly plumbing repair. Our pros can repair or replace any part or system located outside or within any residential home or commercial building.

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Gas line repair

Gas Line Repair

KB Plumbing can help you with gas line repair. We can assist you with investigating leaks and repairing gas lines in your West View area home. Natural gas gets transported through underground pipes from the gas supplier to your meter, then to your appliances. Sometimes these lines may leak or need to be repaired or replaced.

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Sewer line repair

Sewer Line Repair

Our plumbing company offers experienced and licensed plumbers with the knowledge and expertise to inspect your sewer lines to discover any problems you may have and repair the issues. With a variety of equipment from auguring and cabling to hydro-jetting, rest assured your sewer line will be cleared and repaired.

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Drain cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Many of the homes in the Coraopolis area have cast iron or galvanized steel drain lines. Over time, these lines can erode from the inside, causing them to drain slow or clog. No matter what type of plumbing your home has, KB Plumbing is equipped to unclog, repair, and clean your drain lines. We can augur, cable, or hydro-jet.

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Water filtration

Water Filtration

Well water may contain various minerals and bacteria, and city water may be treated with chemicals to kill bacteria and prevent growth within the piping system. The contaminants need to be filtered out to improve the quality of your drinking water. We provide a variety of water filtration solutions for your quality of water needs.

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Water heater replacement

Water Heater Replacement

Is the old water heater getting corroded or so old it's not providing hot water? If so, you may want to go ahead and replace the unit. We can install your new equipment. If you wish to stay with the same style or you want to consider a tankless water heater installation, we're here to help with the water heater replacement you need.

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Backflow preventor

Backflow Inspection/Installation

Backflow preventers stop wastewater from contaminating the water supply in the event of pressure loss. Whether it's backflow inspection, installation, or maintenance, we offer both commercial and residential backflow prevention services. We are certified to inspect, install, and repair all backflow preventers in McKees Rocks.

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Plumbing fixture replacement

Plumbing Fixture Replacement

Fixtures are an accessory such as faucets, bathtubs, toilets, and anything that connects to the plumbing lines. Over time, fixtures can erode, leak, or even break. Call us if you need a plumbing company to fix, repair, replace, or install new plumbing fixtures. Whether you are looking to update or repair your fixtures, we can help!

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Water line repair

Water Line Repair

Waterlines deliver water to your McKees Rocks home through underground pipes. These pipes can also be located behind enclosed walls or can sometimes be exposed. Leaking develops due to pipe erosion, weather conditions, or other causes. We can help you find the leaks and take care of your water line repair.

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