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Cool Down With These 3 Refrigeration Tips

August vlog

Beat the end of summer heat with a few refrigeration tips from Ben Ifft, owner of KB Plumbing. He’s your go-to expert for your plumbing needs and provides full-service residential and commercial plumbing to the Greater Pittsburgh Area. Here are three tips to keep in mind when completing refrigeration maintenance:

1. Keep the Fridge Coils Clean

Coils in the fridge are usually located at the bottom of the unit or in the back. The coils’ purpose is to cool and condense the refrigerant to keep the air inside your refrigerator at the optimum temperature. If coils are clogged with debris, pet hair, or dust, they are unable to release heat efficiently. This causes the compressor to work harder, use more energy, and can put the entire appliance under strain. To get to the coils, simply snap off the grill or remove a few screws. There are special coil-cleaning tools, but a strong brush or vacuum attachment can help clean the way.

2. Sustain the Temperature

For food safety purposes, maintaining the temperature in your refrigerator, both in the freezer and main unit, can keep the unit running at its highest efficiency and sustain the shelf life for your refrigerated goods. It’s a simple win/win. Make sure your refrigerator section is between 36-40 degrees Fahrenheit and the freezer should be set at zero degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Take Care of Your Ice Maker

If your ice maker is making discolored or faulty cubes of ice, be sure to think about your filter. Thanks to KB Plumbing, installing a filter behind the fridge unit can drastically save you money and quality in the long run. Just take it from Ben!

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