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On the job learning: Meet the KB Plumbing team!

KB Plumbing Interns

KB Plumbing recently expanded its team with two high school senior graduates, Anthony Migliozzi and Roman Rennebeck. A part of the team, Anthony has been playing hockey with Roman since they were 4 years old. Rennebeck says, “Working with him is fun because we’ve been friends for years so we’re able to get a lot done because of how well we work together, and it also makes work more humorous with him.”

Navigating KB Plumbing’s daily to-do’s is a breeze starting bright and early every day. Anthony says, “I drive to Ben's house and usually get there between 7:50-7:55 AM. Then, we get the tools we have to use for the jobs we are working on for the day and talk to the other crew to see what they’re doing and help them with what they need. Then, we head off to the job.”

Being related to Ben, Roman has a family tie that reflects KB Plumbing’s close-knit, family values. Roman boasts, “I show up to Ben’s house at 8 AM. That’s followed by a high five and hug from his son Luke. While we load the truck, Luke and I talk about all things hockey and the game that was on the night before.”

Hockey talk comes easy in the KB Plumbing household. Anthony mentions, “Ben and I share a good bit of interests. We both love hockey, so we chat about that. Ben also likes to hunt and fish and so do I. So, we have a couple hobbies that we both like. This makes work fun because we can joke about stuff and just have a good time while going to the job and working at it.”

Of course, the learning is just as rewarding with the humor and on-the-job fun. While on the KB job, Roman has learned a lot, and perhaps an overwhelming amount. He says, “Too much to count. I learned most of the basics of plumbing.”

Sometimes, you have to be prepared for the worst as Anthony mentions. “I learned a lot so far in just over a month of work. I’ve seen that there is a lot more to plumbing than just putting in a shower and a toilet,” says Anthony. “There is more to it than just doing that. Sometimes you must rip up the floor to see if there’s issues. I’ve seen that you have to be ready for the worst, and sometimes that includes even the worst smells you would not believe.”

With college on the horizon and new journeys beginning, KB Plumbing has prepared Roman and Anthony for the professional future as well as taking on household responsibilities when living on their own. Roman says, “I learned a lot of work skills from my dad, but he never learned plumbing. So, after working with Ben, I got an understanding on a topic we aren’t familiar with, so I can do more projects on my own in the future.”

Similarly, Anthony adds, “I will have a little on the job experience about the plumbing aspect of life. It will help me when I get older and when I decide to get a house, and I can do my own plumbing.”

Seeing each other every day strengthens the family time that KB prides itself on while solidifying longtime friendships across new avenues of life’s opportunities. Through the jokes, practical applications, and real-world experience, KB Plumbing is proud to teach its expertise and simultaneously serve its client the best workforce around.

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