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They’re a Plumbing Family, Not a Burger Grilling Family.

Kb family

For a business, its name marks the first impression to customers as it connects the consumer to the identity of the business. With KB Plumbing, its name gives a personal touch of simplicity when connecting others to the family-owned business. So what’s the story behind KB plumbing’s name?

Like we said, it’s simple! KB stands for Kari and Ben, the co-partners of providing reliable, quality service. The wife and background support of KB, Kari, helps to achieve the personalized care that the plumbing service offers in and around Pittsburgh. Ben, as a master plumber, handles the on-site work, management of his Aunt Sandy as the secretary, and three other plumbers, plus his expert care for its ten different service offerings.

“We started with KB Plumbing from the start to reflect the small business, family-owned aspect. With our first initials fusing together as one branded name, we wanted to roll with it to keep it easy to remember with a personal touch,” Kari says. “ And we didn’t want ‘BK’ to be confused with Burger King. KB reflects the one-on-one service we provide as Kari and Ben, plus we have a last name that people usually can’t pronounce also.”

In the beginning, Kari has helped pioneer the administrative responsibilities for KB plumbing, from handling work receipts, invoices, scheduling, and more. Now, as the local business focuses on more projects such as plumbing repairs, bathroom remodeling, water heaters, water filtration, etc., she focuses on taking care of the family and their home. She says, “My primary responsibility is taking care of the kids, you know, making sure the house doesn’t burn down, keeping Ben’s mental health in check when scheduling gets overwhelming, feeding the kids, and basically keeping everyone alive!”

Her spirited approach helps to portray genuineness and the family humor that everyone experiences when balancing work and home life. It’s the gifted trials, tribulations, and triumphs that come with running a small business as a family.

Kari’s administrative and organizational abilities help to keep the homelife running smoothly as Ben tackles the intricacies of the front end of the business. The attention to detail of running a small business translates to their keen nature of supporting their family. KB is a wife and husband partnership that focuses on quality, budget-friendly services while making sure that the family function and togetherness is just as strong by embracing the humor and craziness altogether. It’s the friendly approach of connecting people with your neighborhood plumber, understanding other family’s needs when walking into a home, and showcasing the best family values around (while perhaps making a Burger King stop on the way home).

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