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Scheduling is Aunt Sandy’s Specialty!

Aunt sandy

The top goal of KB Plumbing’s family-owned-and-operated business is to provide quality customer service through traditional values. As part of our plumbing expertise, we train each plumbing contractor on our team to provide top-notch customer care. In addition, the family-owned business takes a more intricate approach with hiring Ben’s Aunt Sandy who’s been with the KB Plumbing team since November 2020.

Newly retired, Aunt Sandy jumped aboard the KB plumbing team after 40+ years as a medial secretary. Aunt Sandy excitedly says, “I was losing my mind of boredom, and Ben called to ask if I wanted to help out with the family business. I said, Ben I’m your girl and I need a job!”

Scheduling is Aunt Sandy’s specialty! Along with her experience and closeness to the family comes the quirkiness of her talent to help others through the spirit of conversation. She says, “It’s a lot easier in talking to people to get their pipes fixed than talking people into surgery. It’s a rewarding experience to speak to people every day to figure out how we can help them on a project or a plumbing crisis.”

Aunt Sandy knows a thing or two for go-to plumbing tips that everyone should know about. “Some things come to mind, but the most important is that you don’t do it yourself,” she says. “That’s why God made plumbers and to stick to the experts. But if you broke it, we can fix it.”

It’s important to seek professional plumbing help in order to avoid getting into more plumbing problems that could occur. At KB plumbing, quality craftsmanship, using quality parts, and installing them right are the fundamentals of the professional, family-owned service. Plus, anyone on the KB plumbing team walks into the customer’s home as if they were their own. KB Plumbing is experienced, licensed, and insured who's ready and qualified to solve any problem that a customer may be having.

In retirement, Aunt Sandy jokingly says, “I am kicking life in the butt.” Her hobbies outside of work include baking, gardening, and being a “Final 4 basketball girl.” Lately, she has taken up bird watching. (Fun fact from Aunt Sandy: If you put cayenne pepper in your birdseed, the squirrels won’t eat it!)

Living life to the fullest while incorporating her passion at KB Plumbing of talking to others makes her a perfect fit for the team. When taking calls at KB Plumbing, Aunt Sandy concludes, “We treat people like family, relate to them, and we want to make it as comfortable and friendly as possible when servicing their needs.”

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Need to schedule a visit or talk about a plumbing need/project? Call Aunt Sandy at 412-449-9970, or complete our online service request form.