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KB Plumbing Summer Season Tips

Summer season tips

As summer heats up, so does KB Plumbing’s tips for the feel-good, warm weather season ahead! Cooling off and spending time outside with friends and family is easier with regular checks and updates to your water and plumbing systems. Here are a few updates to keep in mind from Ben Ifft, owner of KB Plumbing.

Everyone wants to water the lawn, outdoor plants, and wash cars. Check your hose valve to see if it is corroded! If it is, KB plumbing can help.

A lot of homes are selling right now! Around every neighborhood, you will have to complete a dye test. Find out why this is important and what the low-cost approach can be for you.

Do you know what the two most commonly used materials for underground sewers in Pittsburgh? Find out the difference between cast iron and terracotta AND which one is best right below.

Here’s a two more tips just for you! Don’t trust flushable wipes and the blue cleaning disks that go in the back of your toilet tank. You’ll thank us later!

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