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What the Holidays are Really About: Family

Holidays are about family

As we roll into yet another Holiday season plagued by Covid-19, with a new virus on the horizon (Hello, Omicron) It seems like the most wonderful time of the year has lost its luster. Whether it’s the incessant Christmas ads at every turn, or this groundless happiness that every actor in every commercial seems to have, the Holidays have garnered this capitalistic, gimme-gimme-gimme, spend-every-dollar-to-be-happy mindstate that I don’t seem to remember from years past. Maybe it’s the billion dollar corporations trying to recover from the pandemic but an ode to the good times is warranted.

The Holidays are not about gifts, toy cars, tickets to concerts, and new phones. It’s not drowning in a sea of green and red stressing about money, or worrying about overtime to make sure there are gifts under the tree. The Holidays, and more so, Christmas, is about family.

The months without seeing grandparents, the years without enjoying time with aunts, and uncles, the losses we’ve taken through these troubling times; It is family that has been here, is here, and will continue to be here. In a year’s time, you will have a new phone, be interested in a car, shopping for a new television, but you won’t be in the market for an Aunt Sally! So, forget the gifts and bring a plate, sit down and spend time with one another. Make memories that will last forever and not for the moment.

Here, at KB Plumbing, family is the piston that keeps us moving forward, the lug nut keeping us fastened, and more than anything, the frame that keeps us together.

Jonathan Ray


This Holiday season, we wish everyone a small return to normalcy and to remember the real reason we’re here for: family. Merry Christmas and happy Holidays from our family to yours

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